Italian tattoos

Italian tattoos

The Lindsay Lohan tattoos, that means "beautiful life" should have meant "life is beautiful".

Italian tattoos are appearing in all the variety of forms and meanings. Italian cross, Italian "boot", green-white-red Italian flag (in a great variety, as for example, the flag with Italian geographical borders or in the form of the stars). There are also the tattoo on the hand with the depiction of the Italian food: the dish with pasta and meat, the glass of wine and cannoli. Luckily despite Latin language (that is considered bookish), Jewish and Arab languages (that are too complex and use their own alphabets and letters that require correct writing depending of the place of the letter in the word, etc.) or Gaelic language (that has a lot of dialects), the Italian language is rather easy for translation.

Pay attention to the spelling of the words – it is enough to mistype one letter and your word (phrase) will lose its meaning or even can get another meaning. For example, the popular Italian tattoo design representing the phrase "life is beautiful", that was applied by many celebrities, including Lindsay Lohan. "La vita e bella" – that is the correct translation, however it has the same words, some people wrote as "la bella vita", that actually can be translated as "beautiful life".

As in any tattoos that are made in foreign languages, you have to pay great attention for the translation. Check the translation in different sources. The best thing is to ask the local citizen or translator. You can also use  the online translation tool, but remember that the translation must be checked with different online translators.

In ancient times tattoos were applied by the citizens of the tribes in term of identification. Nowadays tattoos are less important, are used mainly about fashion. Italian tattoos are rather popular and represent different things of Italian culture and history. Italian tattoos for women are various. The most popular Italian tattoo design is written text with beautiful fonts.

There are a lot of different Italian tattoo designs. One of it is Italian horn, that is considered as one of the most popular women Italian tattoo design. It is called ‘Corno’ in Italy – the symbol that is designed to draw away everything connected with evil forces. Long ago the horn was considered to be the powerful protector. Nowadays it is still considered to be the great protector for the life of its bearer.

Italian flag is also a great example of Italian tattoo designs. It is represented by the stripe of the three colors and look great as the body art. It can be also considered to be a symbol of patriotism. The main meaning of such Italian tattoo design is the revelation of the culture of the country. Many people choose to apply the Italian tattoo of the flag in combination with the cross from medieval times, that shows the ancient times of church existence.

The body parts for Italian tattoo application can be very different – they look good as a sleeve, neck or on the shoulder. Mind to follow all the safety rules. Also choose the Italian tattoo design wise and understand what you are doing, because the tattoo is the permanent thing.

So if you are thinking about  applying the Italian tattoo design, you have to pay great attention to its context. You must not compare phrases with other languages, because even if the phrase can mean much for example in English, it can have no particular meanings in Italian. Also look for the needed cultural reference. If you are not sure – just choose to make the image design – such Italian tattoo will always look great on any body part.